Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

The Dosimetry Laboratory

The aim of the Dosimetry Laboratory is to meet the national dosimetry needs within Radiotherapy, X-ray diagnostics and radiation protection.

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The Dosimetry Laboratory is the National Metrology Laboratory for ionising radiation.

The laboratory has reference standards for the Gray (Gy), Sivert (Sv) and Bequerel (Bq) units.

The laboratory provides calibration services and, in this respect, is unique in Norway. It also carries out reference dosimetry, dosimetry audits and shielding effectiveness measurements.

To ensure high quality, the laboratory is part of a worldwide network of Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDL) and part of a European network of national calibration laboratories, European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET). 

Traceability chain 

Primary Standards Dosimetry Laboratories, in Paris (BIPM), Delft (VSL) and Braunschweig (PTB), provide calibrations of reference dosimeters for The Dosimetry Laboratory. The laboratory in turn calibrate dosimeters for end users, such as hospital staff. This entire process is called the traceability chain.

National Calibration Laboratory 

Justervesenet, the National Metrology Service (JV), has designated the Dosimetry Laboratory to maintain the national standards for the Gray (Gy), Sivert (SV) and Bequerel (Bq) units. This to meet the needs for calibrations in Norway in Radiotherapy, X-ray diagnostics and radiation protection. 

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