Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

DSA’s remit

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) is the national authority and expert body in matters concerning nuclear safety, radiation use, natural radiation and radioactive contamination in the environment.

Last updated: 19. mars 2021 1154

Societal mission

DSA strives to reduce the negative consequences of radiation by ensuring that the handling of radiation sources, radioactive waste and discharges, medical radiation use and closure and clean-up of nuclear facilities (decommissioning) are carried out correctly and responsibly. We strive to reduce exposure to natural radiation from radon and UV. We are also responsible for managing exposure from electromagnetic fields.

We also strive to improve nuclear safety internationally and to prevent the dispersal of radioactive material.       

We carry out our societal mission through administering regulations, conducting surveillance, guiding, informing, providing advice and managing knowledge.

What we do

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA):

  • is the national authority for nuclear safety in Norway and the expert body concerning concessions for nuclear facilities;
  • oversees all use of radiation sources within medicine, industry and research and the two research reactors in Norway;
  • monitors natural and artificial radiation in the environment and working life;
  • has a comprehensive bilateral project collaboration with other countries.
  • conducts R&D;
  • chairs and serves as the secretariat for nuclear preparedness in Norway;
  • has a national reference laboratory for measuring radiation doses and radioactivity on behalf of the Ministry of Justice;
  • participates in the Centre for Environmental Radioactivity (CERAD), which has been designated a Centre of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway.

Organisational affiliation

DSA are a government agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

We are also the national authority and expert body for the Ministry of Climate and Environment in matters concerning radioactive contamination and radioactive waste.

We also carry out assignments for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to international nuclear safety.

We are the competent authority for the Ministry of Defence under the Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation and the supervisory authority regarding matters relating to visits by military nuclear-powered vessels.